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Illuminated Sights
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Illuminated Sights

The BSA Multi-Purpose Sighting Systems are a wonderful light weight sight for close quarter and medium range targets. Light enough for small calibers plicking on the range, yet durable enough for larger calibers used by hunters and law enforcement departments.

30mm Red Dot
[Item# 30RD-2M-01]
30mm red dot sight comes standard with both dovetail and weaver cantilever mounts.
$39.95 Add to cart
BSA Prism Scope w/ Fixed Sights
[Item# 3X30PRRG-01]
Built in fixed sights, 3X magnification, 30mm objective with red and green illuminated glass etched cross reticle.
$99.95 Add to cart
[Item# HMRGBD30CP-001]
Light weight sight for all types of shooting. $59.95 Add to cart
[Item# PMRGS-001]
Rugged Panoramic Sight with Red, Green and Blue Dot Reticles $119.94 Add to cart
[Item# RD30CP-001]
Light weight sight for all types of shooting. $29.95 Add to cart
[Item# TW30RDLL-001]
New original Tactical Weapon scientifically designed Illuminated Red dot sight plus flashlight.  5/8 Weaver rail $139.95 Add to cart
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