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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are all your scopes waterproof, fog proof and shock proof?
A: All are shock proof. Most are waterproof and fog proof. See the catalogue for details.

Q: Can I buy BSA products directly?
A: Yes. Please go to the Products Page or Price List for a list of items available online. Those items not available can be found on the LINKS Page or at your local Sporting Goods or Firearms Dealer.

Q: Can I modify the appearance of my BSA scope, Red Dot or Laser Sight with camouflage paint or other color?
A: No. Changing the product from the manufacturers' recommendation will void the warranty.

Q: Can you install a different reticle on my BSA scope if I send it to you?
A: No. We do not replace reticles.

Q: Do you sell Sunshades for scopes?
A: No.

Q: How can I speed focus my BSA scope?
A: On Catseye & other BSA models with this feature, the speed focus is done at the rear part of the eye bell. Like any eye piece focus, its purpose is to provide a sharp view of the reticle. It has nothing to do with the focus or sharpness of the target.

Q: How do I get Warranty Service in Canada?
A: Please refer to your vendor if you live outside of the USA to process warranty issues.

Q: How do I get my BSA products repaired or replaced?
A: Follow the Warranty Procedures on your Warranty Card. Go to the Products Detail Page from the Products Page to see a copy of the Warranty Card.

Q: How long will the battery on my Red Dot last?
A: The battery type 2032 on your Red Dot will last 8 hours minimum if left on the 6th power position.

Q: Tripod dropped off a bench, can I buy the piece that broke?
A: Yes. Please send us a full description on the part & model and we will send you the part if it is replaceable.

Q: What are the features of a scope?
A: Please refer to the Products Page for detailed explanation on our models.

Q: What is Shadow Black finish?
A: BSA's Shadow Black coating is a special heat process that bonds a strong rubber skin directly onto the aluminum, making a beautiful, non-glare, soft black finish.

Q: What is the Field of View on my scope?
A: The Field of View and other accurate information on your scope based on the model can be found on the Products Comparison Chart Page.

Q: What is the adjustment ring on the front of my BSA scope marked 10 yds. to infinity?
A: That ring is the Parallax Correction Dial.

Q: What is the magnification on the Red Dots?
A: There is no magnification on these sights. You can adjust the brightness of the dot by rotating the knob on the unit. The higher the number the brighter the dot appears.

Q: What is the standard Parallax setting on my BSA scope?
A: BSA rifle scopes are preset at 100 yds.; pistol scopes are at 50 yds.; shotgun scopes at 75 yds. and black powder scopes at 75 yds.

Q: What is the tube size of BSA Rifle Scopes?
A: They are 1 inch. However, there are few 30 mm models, which include the following: BC1.5-4.5x42/30, BC3-9x42/30 or BC3.5-10x42/30

Q: What is the warranty on the LS 650?
A: The warranty is 1 yr. Limited. Refer to the Products Page for more details.

Q: What scopes do you recommend for airguns?
A: Any BSA AR4x32, AR2-7x32 or AR3-12x44.

Q: What type of base does the RD30, RD42 & RD50 use?
A: The above Red Dots will use any Weaver type base that is 7/8" wide.

Q: What type of base does the RD30/22 SB or SIL use?
A: Either Shadow Black or Silver Red Dot 30/22 will use any 3/8" wide grooved receiver on a .22 caliber rifle or airgun.

Q: Where are your scopes made?
A: They are made in the Far East.

Q: Where can I purchase BSA products?
A: Go to the LINKS Page of this Website to see a list of eRetailers or visit your local Sporting Goods or Firearms Dealer for hands on the product.

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