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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I get replacement bolts, nuts & some parts for the Red Dot Sights?
A: Yes. Contact BSA Consumer Service Dept. & provide your name, address and scope model so that replacement parts can be sent.

Q: Can I put a RD30 on a Magnum gun?
A: Yes. They will work & can be mounted on any Magnum rifle, handgun or shotgun.

Q: Can I use the RD30 for 300 yds.?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the RD30/22SB on a crossbow?
A: Yes. You my use it on a crossbow if the base mount is 3/8" in width.

Q: How long will the battery on my Red Dot last?
A: The battery type 2032 on your Red Dot will last 8 hours minimum if left on the 6th power position.

Q: What Red Dot sight can I mount on a .22 cal. pistol?
A: The RD30/22 SB can be mounted on a .22 cal. pistol providing the pistol has a 3/8" width grooved receiver.

Q: What is the Warranty on all Red Dots?
A: The warranty is 1 year. Please refer to the Products Page for more information.

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