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Essential Air Rifle Scopes
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AR27X32 Air Rifle Scope

Air Rifles Scopes are built to handle the unique reverse recoil of today's magnum spring powered air rifles. It has an adjustable objective that focus down to 10 yards or lower which is a necessary feature.


• Target-style turrets.

• Finger adjustable ¼ MOA clicks for windage and elevation.

• Rubber inlaid adjustments.

• One-year warranty.

Online price: $104.95 
Magnification 2 - 7X
Obj. Lens Diameter (mm) 32
Exit Pupil Range (mm) 9.4 - 4.6
Field of View @100 Yds 36.2 - 11.
Optimum Eye Relief (in) 3
Parallax Setting 7.5 to Inf
Click Adjustment Value 1/4
Adjustment Range 35 - 35
Transmission(%) Day/Night
Weight (ounces) 15.90

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REVIEW BY: Sam Wednesday, November 21, 2012
This is the third of these scopes that I've owned. The first through no fault of BSA's was destroyed when the sling on my 10/22 broke and gun and scope bounced down a series of granite boulders. The gun was repairable, but the scope was trashed. The second I bought went on the same 10/22 and was wonderful until the rubber coating began to melt away. BSA/Gammo were very accommodating and replaced it right away with a new scope with no coating. Excellent service and an excellent scope. The adjustable parallax is wonderful for short range hunting where all your shots are 50 yards or less. My 10/22 is my squirrel hunting meat gun and with this scope and the right ammo (CCI Mini Mag solids) will shoot them in the eye every time if I do my part. Again, scope and service are excellent. 5 stars.
REVIEW BY: Larry Thursday, October 18, 2012
I have had my new Ruger 1022 for about two months and put the BSA 2-7X32 on it. I put groups of 10 in a circle the size of a silver dollar at 25 and 50 yards every time. I have another scope for another rifle but think the BSA would handle it too! GREAT scope!
REVIEW BY: tom tillson Friday, August 24, 2012
I used my new bsa 2_-7 x32 on 2 wood chucks droped them 8/23/2012
REVIEW BY: Giuseppe Monday, July 23, 2012
I have used this scope on my Ruger M77 Mark 2 and I have also used it on my Mossberg 817 INT 17HMI and whenever I need to shoot my air rifle I switch it to that. This is the most versatile scope I have ever owned. It is better then my $1000 Nikon scope. It beats them all. Easy to adjust. Shoots center bullseye right out of the box. The best bang for your buck. They could have asked $300 for this scope. It is worth it. I would have paid that much and would have with a smile. for sure.
REVIEW BY: mike joyce Wednesday, May 16, 2012
I use this scope on my ruger 10-22 for small game hunting this scope works better than any scope i have used. This is a must have for the small game hunter.
REVIEW BY: don w Wednesday, April 06, 2011
i have the BSA 2-7x32 on my Beeman RX, gas piston. they are brutal on scopes. this BSA seems to be holding on quite well. adjust and clarity is easy but i wish they'd mark the increments of adjustment on the turrets.
REVIEW BY: Pelleteer Saturday, February 12, 2011
Can you please offer this scope in a MilDot reticle ?? I really want to buy this airgun scope series but none of them have Mil Dots which Airguns Really NEED !!!! Please offer these in Mil Dots !!!!!
REVIEW BY: Norm Sunday, June 27, 2010
I need to refocus it & also bring the site into a more accurate setting. My question !! on the scope on each side of the windage and elevation adjustments there are a set of two indicators: 1) very small clicks, UP 1/4" 1click ( radial on black ring) 2) 0-2-4-etc up on silver cylinder. Both adj.( elev. & wind.) seem to be the same. This scope is approx 15 years old. What is the recommended procedure to follow to bore sight this arrangement? Is there any on-line place to download the correct procedure? Any suggestions, much appreciated. Thanx
REVIEW BY: Norm Sunday, June 27, 2010
I'm looking for a little help. I have a BSA optics scope for an Air Rifle (RWS 2-7 x 32 ) mounted on a RWS Diana Model 36 riflr. This has been set up for years and was initially focused and sighted much to my satisfaction. I' m now getting ready to introduce my grandson to the pleasure of "plinkin " & the scope is no longer as clear as it once was.
REVIEW BY: andy Friday, May 28, 2010
great scope has always held my zero on any gun i have ever put it on
REVIEW BY: jerry Wednesday, March 31, 2010
superb optics, but DO NOT SKIMP ON THE MOUNT. get a 1-piece mount if your gun has any real power, preferably 1 with those little screws that apply extra pressure to the top of the gun breech (screws are located on the bottom of the inside of the rings that hold the scope tube)
REVIEW BY: Ranger Wednesday, February 24, 2010
This is an outstanding scope for the money. Have had mine for more than 3 years and have mounted it on many "springers". It has always- and I mean always- held zero and has not self destructed after many hundreds of shots. The optics are clear and bright- and it has good light gathering capability. This scope is "woods" rated and a great addition to any rifle. I have not missed any game that I have encountered out ot 50 yards while using it. This has got to be one of the best "bang for the buck" purchases I have made.
REVIEW BY: Tuesday, December 08, 2009
I have had the AR27x32 mounted on my 10-22 Ruger for problably 15 years and it has been the best hunting scope that I have ever found for a .22 rifle. Crosshairs are always in focus no matter how close the target and it has the clarity of a much more expensive scope.
REVIEW BY: Ron Aubie Monday, November 09, 2009
Bought this scope for a pellet gun (Rifle) and ended up mounting it to a 22 cal. rifle that I use at the gun range. Excellent choice for shooting silhouette's at 50 yards.
REVIEW BY: Toby Saturday, August 09, 2008
Great scope with the right mounts. Had to go through 2 different mounts ( 2 ) piece before getting a single piece scope mount. I have been through other scopes on my Gamo Hurricane 1250 and this is the only one that has lasted, others basically just fell apart after the abuse of recoil. If you have a powerful air rifle and want a great / tough scope then this is the one.
REVIEW BY: Vitaliy (RUS) Monday, June 09, 2008
5000 shots on Diana 54!

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